What do employment solicitors in Melbourne do?

In Melbourne, consulting employment solicitors Melbourne provides multiple services not only to employees but to employers as well.

Compliance with state and federal laws

The most common task employment solicitors assist employers with is to make them comply with state and federal anti-discrimination laws. This includes informing management or employers about discrimination regulations based on:

  • Colour
  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Race
  • National origin
  • Age
  • Religion

Additionally, employment solicitors provide pieces of timely advices in regards to employer compliance with environmental regulations and OSHA guidelines. An employment solicitor hired by an employer represents his interest in front of governmental agencies and boards.

An Hour and Wage Claims

An hour and wage lawsuit can be filed by an employee when he/she feels uncompensated for the work done. An employee not receiving overtime pay while working off-the-clock as per the request of an employer could file an hour and wage claim. Misclassification of employees for an employer to avoid paying overtime rate falls under the hour and wage lawsuit as well.

Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit

Becoming ill or injured while at work or because of the nature of the work can allow an employee to file a workers’ compensation lawsuit against the company or employer.

Hiring the services of an employment solicitor can help an employee file an appeal or claim. On the other hand, an employment solicitor can represent the interest of an employer by denying the claim filed by an employee.

Explain client rights

Client rights are better explained and helped by an employment lawyer. This includes:

  • Options available to the client ranging from negotiation, litigation, and mediation
  • Explain the laws applicable to the case filed against him/her
  • Explain the pros and cons of every option
  • Inform the best ways to proceed with a filed claim or case

File a complaint

An employee can only proceed with a cause of action against a company or employer when he/she files a claim with governmental agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Filing the complaint with the proper agency can be aided by an employment solicitor. This includes meeting the deadline date of filing and other things related to the complaint.

Forming a Union

The right of employees to form a union can be explained, advised, and helped by an employment solicitor. Employee rights such as being free from discrimination related to their union activities are one aspect that needs the help of an employment solicitor. Additionally, an employment solicitor will be able to advise employers about their responsibilities and rights related to their union workers.

Employee Class Action

A class action is a claim or complaint filed by a group of employees against their employer or company. This type of complaint usually involves many complainants. One of the advantages gained by employees involved in a class action is splitting the expense of litigation among them.


The varied lawsuits that an employee can file against their employers include:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Discrimination
  • Denied benefits

Employers, on the other hand, also have the right to file lawsuits against an employee. This includes:

  • Violation of confidentiality agreements
  • Incompetence

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