Tools of Titans – by author Tim Ferriss

Time Ferriss is known for his business podcast that is a top iTunes business podcast.  He has interviewed many a top-level business person and celebrity.
You can reach his podcast link at:
His book is unique in that he is a self-proclaimed experimenter of all the tips, tricks and advice in his book.

The Naked CEO – by author Alex Malley
Alex Malley has come up in his life through trial and error learning what it takes to succeed in the hard-hitting world of business.  He shares valuable insights and hard-hitting truths designed to help and inspire anyone to reach their own success.
His advice is aimed to teach the reader how to become a leader, successfully standout from the crowd, network, the value of establishing a great rapport with colleagues and customers alike and enhance the power of oneself.

The 110-Year Life – by author Lynda Gratton

With expected life-spans having increased Lynda Gratton gives an inspired insight into the profound effect living to 100 will have on society, the impact on the economy and what is required to restructure everyone’s professional and personal to accommodate this.
A truly unique look at how the world has changed and how the traditional 3 stage approach to our working lives is becoming obsolete.