About Us

It takes a lot to succeed in today’s business world, especially if you are a small business trying not to get swallowed up by the corporate giants that tend to create large overpowering shadows that tend to block out the sun for their smaller competitors.

But there is light out there as social media unfurls its never-ending source of mostly free valuable exposure and mainstream line of online presence streamlined to meet any businesses exact target audience.  This not only helps the smaller business in directing revenue towards them but has the power to level out the playing field when it comes to the large corporations seemingly unlimited supply of advertising resources but with the potential to utilize larger corporations brands to generate extra revenue for the company in forms of selling back advertising space, etc.

With our feet on the ground and our ears tuned to the latest media trends, market information and business experience we will bring online tips, tricks and advice aimed at all size businesses even the work at home parents and or start-ups.  We know what grit and grind it takes to get a business off the ground, keep it running and ensure it is keeping up with the times.