Understanding your customer is your bread and butter bottom line and key to business success

Anyone in business knows that the customer is always right and we have to ensure they stay happy, satisfied customers – especially in the age of instant social media messaging.

So what can a business do to ensure they keep their customers happy?  We have put together 5 pointers to give your business the customer edge:

  1. Understand your target customers business trends as applies to your industry
    Using data already collected on your customer’s trends, monitoring online forums and various social media platforms for any reviews about your company.
  2. Profile your customers and those you would like to be able to draw in to keep your business fresh
    Customer profiling involves building up a database with relevant customer information such as their location, characteristics, age, family unit, their spending trends, why and when they tend to spend and which of your products they are most likely to buy.
  3. Have product brand discussion forums
    Use the power of your social media marketing applications to start discussions on your product brand. These like the in-store-surveys provide valuable data about your customers and have the ability to reach potential new customers whilst building a rapport with your current ones.
  4. Have regular customer surveys, feedback forms and suggestion boxes
    Survey forms at the checkout desks with a feedback and or scorecard on the back to rate their experience, etc.
    The good old customer suggestion box is still a top favorite and shows the customer their opinion does matter, especially if you use social media to broadcast the customer suggestion of the month, etc.
  5. Make use of mystery shoppers as a source to determine real-time customer feedback

Mystery shoppers provide the business with a great source of information on their customer service experience.  This helps identify potential staff needs such as training or extra help because one of the biggest steps to keeping your customers happy is having staff that have the tools and knowledge to help the customer.

Top 5 tips for starting a business in Australia

Starting and running a brand new business for you brings a whole new level of stress and anxiety as now there is no steady monthly paycheck that comes with the nine-to-five grind of working for someone else.  Depending on the nature of your business you may now be responsible for that person who works the nine-to-five grind’s steady income as an added stress.

Here are 5 tips to help your business on its way:

  1. Be in the right mindset
    Ensure you are prepared for your new venture it is important for you to understand the scope of your venture and what you are getting yourself into. So take the time to ask yourself:
  • What are you hoping to accomplish with your new venture?
  • What is the income you need to generate to not only keep your business afloat but accommodate that needs of you and or your family?
  • Do you have or can you employ the skill set for what you are trying to accomplish?
  • Is there any advantage to you starting this venture and how long do you plan to run it for?

  1. Have a clear business plan
    It is worth the time and little extra cost to invest in producing a clear and concise business plan to ensure that your business objectives are defined with set targets, objectives and how you plan to achieve them!
  2. Know your market
    Buy understanding your target customer you will be able to create well-defined marketing strategies, ensure your product and the pricing thereof is competitive.
  3. Get your business structure, name, taxes, any required licenses, etc. sorted out
    Ensure you have your businesses tax information and requirements sorted out.
    That your business has been registered and that the name is clearly defined.
    Research any special certifications and licensing that may be required for the type of business.
  4. Ensure you are properly financed and ensured
    Proper financial projections and requirements will ensure your business stays afloat until it starts to turn over a profit.