Bodyguard services for hire

Bodyguard services are the physical protection service offered to VIPs, celebrities and even businessmen who wish to be protected for their safety by an armed bodyguard or unarmed bodyguard. Unarmed bodyguard is a highly trained individual who can be able to sense danger and act swiftly within their proximity to deter threat at hand. The threat comes from members of the public, rabid fans, and terrorist agents.

Importance of bodyguard service

Security services are important in protecting VIPs, businessmen and other significant individuals from dangers posed by terrorists and malicious radicals from the community. Bodyguards are hired to provide real-time physical protection from intended harm. VIPs and government officials are offered bodyguard protection but lately, due to trending insecurity patterns, even celebrities find it necessary to hire a bodyguard for private protection, of course by meeting the cost of hiring one from agencies who offer bodyguard services for hire.

Bodyguards are drawn from former servicemen, servicemen who are still physically fit to serve. Human life is the most important thing, therefore hiring a bodyguard whenever you are going to uncertain areas, make sure you make a stop shop at one of the bodyguard service providers to procure yourself one.

Security agencies understood the concerns of the individuals who are not government officials or VIPs but still need to be protected by the government. Bodyguard agencies saw the need to fill the gap by linking security personnel to individuals in dire need of security. From every guard they ink up with the client they earn a monthly commission and that is what sustains the security agencies.

Qualified bodyguards

For one to qualify as a bodyguard, there are prerequisites that you must fulfil. First, you must have a military background, be highly trained, and meet the minimum requirements laid down before being accepted. There are armed guards and those who are unarmed. Those with specialised training and have undergone through law enforcement from the government department.

A qualified bodyguard security agent has organisational skills, quick response and highly vigilant and experience in handling spontaneous threats that may arise while on duty single-handedly to ensure maximum protection.

Bodyguard protection during traveling

When travelling out of the country, make sure you are familiar with the people from those places. It is a good idea to hire bodyguard services on your trip, conduct pre-visits and contact surveillance services in advance to report on security matters before the actual date for traveling. In the case of travelling using flight, make arrangements for you and the bodyguard and any other relevant travel document for both parties the service provider and the client.

Politicians and diplomats protection

Bodyguards are trained to tackle all kinds of situations that may arise to a politician on the move. Bodyguard services will be required to obtain all the requirements, to give the best services to the politicians and diplomats. They receive international and national threat all pointed at the politician and they are expected to neutralise the threat in the best way possible.

Cost of hiring a bodyguard

You could be wondering that hiring a bodyguard is not feasible for a common man but the rich and classy. I am glad to prove you wrong on that point, with only $200 to $900 per day plus expenses, you can get a bodyguard for one day.